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Confessions of a Hair Transplant Patient

Apr 10, 2019
The best hair transplant centers are the ones that are honest and can provide you with information that can help you decide the best treatment options customized to your needs and concerns.

The best hair transplant centers are the ones that are honest and can provide you with information that can help you decide the best treatment options customized to your needs and concerns. It is always a great idea to do research and be educated before deciding how to move forward. It is also essential to hear about other or previous patients who had the procedure done to get an idea about their overall experience both with the hair transplant doctor and also with the entire staff.

Following is a detailed patient’s experience about his hair loss, his research, the process of picking a doctor and the treatment option and his expectations:

I recently had a hair transplant performed by Dr. Meshkin and his staff in their Los Angeles hair transplant center. I have been experiencing hair loss now for about 10 years. I have been very proactive in my hair loss by further preventing loss by taking meds like propecia, minoxidil, permixon, hair lazer, and various shampoos and conditioners. Although all these products are still great and I continue to still use them, I wanted to fill in the hair that I had already lost and to lower my hairline to begin with. So I did research online, asked a few of my friends that had it done and decided to set up a consultation with Dr. Meshkin for hair restoration.

From the start, I was impressed by how Dr. Meshkin stuck to the facts and did not try to sell me anything. I have had countless hair transplant consultations in Los Angeles and Orange County areas with laser hair therapists, hair product promotions, and hair transplant surgeons. During all those experiences with other hair transplant doctors, everyone tried to sell me something and buy into their product by promising me that my hair would come back and that I wouldn't lose anymore. In my experience, if something ever sounds way too good to be true it is. No one can promise you that you will not lose any more hair. Dr. Meshkin does not do this. He is well educated in hair loss and knows what he's talking about. He was confident that the hair that he would take for my donor area would remain in place. He could not promise that I would not lose any more hair that was already previously there. He explained to me the differences of using FUE and strip method. After discussing my options with him, I had decided to go with the strip method. Dr. Meshkin was upfront in his price and never tried to pressure me into buying anything. He left me with the choice of doing so.

There are also plenty of before and after pictures to look at, some of these people are celebrities who had hair transplant done using Dr Meshkin's innovative methods. You can't even tell they had hair transplant done because it looked so natural. I had heard of some celebrities that had it done before like Wayne Rooney, Tom Arnold, Bruce Jenner, Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey, Billy Bob Thornton, and the list goes on. I found out during the consultation that Dr. Meshkin has done so many celebrity hair transplant procedures through out his 25 years of dedicating his practice exclusively to hair restoration. Although he remains tight lipped about their identities, but a few have allowed him to show pictures. It must of been a life changing experience for them because from the pictures, they look so much better and years younger.

So now deciding to get my hair transplant I went to his office in Newport (he has consultation offices in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Encino). It's a beautiful office with a beautiful staff. All of the RNs made sure that I could become most comfortable. You obviously need to take pain medication during the procedure, they do not however knock you the out. During the procedure I slept the entire time, remember that they did not knock me out. So if I can manage to sleep during the whole procedure I think that says enough and that it's pretty painless. Post and pre procedure instructions were very clear and I knew what I had to do. The entire staff made sure that I was OK before I left the office. I went home and remained comfortable.

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Not only Dr Meshkin is a great surgeon, his entire staff were very helpful and caring. I had some questions the night before the surgery because I forgot to get my prescription filled for after hair transplant and I reached out to his patient coordinator about 10pm. She got back to me in that hour, and told me not to worry about anything and they could have the meds delivered to the office. Also staff during my hair transplant procedure were very nice and knowledgable. They answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Dr Meshkin and his staff took real good care of me after the surgery and reviewed all the things that needed to be done for the next few days. Dr Meshkin himself even called the night of surgery to make sure every thing was ok and answer any questions that I had. there shows how much Dr Meshkin and his staff care about their patients.

I can honestly tell you that Dr. Meshkin never promised anything that he could not deliver. Any type of surgery is not going to be totally easy breezy. I can tell you that I'm happy I did this, that I would do it again and that I recommend you to do it as well.

Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County offers many advises to his clients about the hairtransplant procedures. He has been doing hairrestoration procedures exclusively in Los Angeles and Orange County for the past twenty five years. With his many years of experience and artistic ability, he is able to give the best result with the most natural look.

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