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Donor Hair Options for Hair Transplant

Oct 30, 2017
With popularity of hair transplants, many wonder if they have enough donor hair available to use for a natural looking hair transplant. When choosing donor hair for transplant, it’s best to choose scalp hair.

With popularity of hair transplants, many wonder if they have enough donor hair available to use for a natural looking hair transplant. When choosing donor hair for transplant, it’s best to choose scalp hair. A better coverage in general is achieved with scalp hair so this should be the first line of treatment for hair loss. However when in some cases the hair in the donor area of the scalp is not sufficient or dense enough or has very sparse thin characteristics, the hair from other parts of the body can be considered. When not using scalp hair, the next best option is the Beard. In most cases the beard hair provides consistent results, in terms of yield and characteristics.

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If one is considering body hair for scalp hair transplant, donor hair from the body can be separated into two categories: beard hair and the rest of the body. Beard hair is rarely in the resting phase whereas other parts of the body are usually in the telogen phase. Beard hairs usually grow as single hair units, but on rare occasions a multiple hair groups may be noted. Only those with a thick beard will have multiple two hair groups. Beard hairs have a rapid rate of growth, and they last for a longer duration than other body hairs. In general beard hair transplants are far more consistent and will produce a yield typically between 60% and 100%.

Other forms of body hair are usually shorter in length and grow at a slower rate than scalp hair, typically not much longer than 3 to 6 cm in length. The hairs are often curly, but not nearly as curly as most beard hairs. Some forms of body hair grow even shorter such as the hair on your arms, the hair on the tops of the toes and eyebrows. These body hairs are often finer in appearance, though sometimes they are just as coarse as head hair. Even when the source of body hair is coarse, the hair will not grow as coarse on top of the head. The hair may produce a cosmetically insignificant result as compared to head hair and beard hair.

In general, 1 out of 4 individuals who undergo a non-beard body hair transplant get a cosmetically improved result. Failures include yields of zero %, very fine hair and sparse growth. Even though beard hair transplants produce good cosmetic coverage, some patients do not like the coarse, curly nature of the hair. This contrast in appearance can be quite striking when the scalp hair is fine and straight and beard hair is coarse and curly. In addition there are no studies to support growth of hair and its permanency in long term.

Ideal candidates for body hair transplants include those whose body hair most closely resembles the other hair in the recipient area, and lack of sufficient sources of hair on the scalp. If one has sufficient scalp resources, it is best to use them first. Some patients prefer to use body hair over scalp hair. In these circumstances, a trial of body hair might be performed to evaluate the growth and appearance of the grafts.

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