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Is Hair Loss Progressive?

Sep 13, 2019
Hair growth undergoes a cyclic process, during this cycle the loss of up to 100 strands a day is within a normal range. They will grow through the cycle and eventually grow back.

Hair growth undergoes a cyclic process, during this cycle the loss of up to 100 strands a day is within a normal range. They will grow through the cycle and eventually grow back. However hair loss is usually genetic in nature and with this type of hair loss, hair follicles which are sensitive to DHT male hormone begin to shrink as men age and will eventually never grow back. This hair loss in men averages 15% between 18-29, increases to 50% by the age of 50 and the rate eventually decreases to 10% for each decade after age of 50. This is just the average progression of genetic predisposed hair loss and may differ from one individual to another.

Up until recent years there had not been a precise technology to measure and predict the exact amount of future hair loss. However in the last few years, there has been development in devises and tests that can help evaluate or predict hair loss. These tests and devises assist with predicting genetic predisposition and measure progression of hair loss as clients age.

There are variety of test available to predict hair loss. Some the tests include the following:

Hair Pull Test

This test will determine degree and stage of hair loss. the test involves taking a section f eight to ten hairs from various parts of the head that are gently grasped by the doctor and pulled outward to the end of the hair, with loss of one or two hairs falling within the normal range. If more than two is falling signs of early shedding may be present. the hairs can also be examined under the microscope for any damage and irregularities. This test has significance in patients with Alpecia Areata as a positive hair pull suggests that hair loss may affect the entire scalp.

Hair Density Test

It is important to note the width difference of hair loss from various part s of the scalp. This test can be performed on the patient's first doctor's visit with a hand help instrument and involves parting hair from different areas and measuring the various widths.

Over the past few years researchers began to understand the central role played by stem cells in the follicle cycling. Every hair follicle contains a permanent reservoir of multi potent stem cells which have the capacity in growth. The eventual understanding of this process of stem cells replenishment may contribute to molecular level treatments to revive hair follicles that have stopped producing mature hair.

Consultation with a hair transplant specialist is very helpful in finding out not only the cause of hair loss, but also the progression of your hair loss. Before proceeding with hair restoration procedure, you must be certain that you are fully informed and understand the physicians' recommendations. If you hair loss is progressive in nature a more comprehensive approach with a combination of hair transplant and medical hair treatment may be beneficial.

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