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Latest News On A Cure For Hair Loss

Sep 24, 2019
There are many different hair treatment option both surgical and non surgical for hair loss, however cure for hair loss has been very challenging. Of all the parts of your body, hair seems to be the simplest to multiply or treat...

There are many different hair treatment option both surgical and non surgical for hair loss, however cure for hair loss has been very challenging. Of all the parts of your body, hair seems to be the simplest to multiply or treat, however that is not true. Hair by nature is more complex than many researchers initially presumed because each individual hair follicle has its own cycle of growth. Human scalp contains more around 100,000 hair follicles and its life span depends on where on the cycle they fall. Over time the follicles miniaturize and move from growth stage to dormant stage of their cycle. In individuals with hair loss, this cycle is disrupted and the hair that is in dormant state does not grow back.

To produce a single strand of hair, the body relies on thousands of stem cells called dermal papillae at the base of each hair follicle. Scientists have found that as dermal papillae disappear over time, follicles miniaturize and become dormant and so if that is the case the answer to curing hair loss may fall in generating new hair using stem cell therapy. Using cells from a person's own skin or blood to grow new hair follicle is under experiments. Many research scientists are trying to create a harm farm using patients' own stem cells to clone or regrow hair. However because of the complex nature of hair follicles these are still under experimental stage.

Since stem cell therapy and cloning is still not perfected, at this time it is best to find the best alternative treatment options. It is a good idea to do a consultation with a hair restoration specialist before starting any treatments to find out the best options for you. A hair transplant or hair loss specialist will do an evaluation to find the cause for the hair loss, the degree of hair loss and hair characteristics. Once the cause for the hair loss is established, then the best surgical or non surgical treatment options are recommended. If an individual chooses to try nonsurgical options first, there are certain medical or non medical hair treatments and products that works best. Propecia and Minoxidil are the two FDA approved hair loss products that are proven to help hair loss. There is also PRP and ACell injections that are also work well to prevent and regrow some hair. However the best option to regrow hair is hair restoration using hair transplant.

In many cases there is high rate of success with hair transplantation for women and men's hair loss and the patients are satisfied with the results. Since hair loss is progressive, in some cases a combination of surgical and medical hair treatment is recommended. These options should be discussed between hair restoration specialist and the patient at the initial consultation appointment. Before proceeding with hair restoration procedure, you must be certain that you are fully informed and understand the physicians' recommendations. If hair restoration surgery is beneficial, it is also important that all the relevant questions have been addressed in regards to the procedure, likely outcome and a realistic expectation of the results discussed.

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Latest News On A Cure For Hair Loss

Latest News On A Cure For Hair Loss

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