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The Effects of Seasonal Temperatures on Hair Loss

Feb 06, 2017
Throughout our life span, we lose hair everyday as follicles go through their normal cycle of growth. The average number of scalp hairs lost daily from the head due to normal catagen activity is up to 100 strands.

Throughout our life span, we lose hair everyday as follicles go through their normal cycle of growth. The average number of scalp hairs lost daily from the head due to normal catagen activity is up to 100 strands. When substantially more than 100 hairs are lost per day, one might be concerned as to the cause of the hair loss and if this is an indication of abnormal hair loss.

There are many causes of hair loss and the most common is genetic. However to make sure the abnormal hair loss is not genetic or temporary one must rule out all other causes. One of the concerns is unusual amount of hair loss in cold weather. Despite some myth that cold temperature may cause hair loss, a drop in temperatures does not mean an increase in hair loss. If anything studies show, cooler temperatures might increase the number of hairs a person has. A study from the University Hospital of Zurich backs up the fact that winter doesn’t lead to hair loss. Conducted over the course of six years, the study found that people tend to lose the least amount of hair during the chilly months of the year.

Usually, seasonal shedding is a temporary thing and the lost hair may return. The belief is that more hair than usual is being shed to make way for a somewhat thicker head of hair in the winter. Even if the hair doesn’t grow back thicker, losing up to a 100 hairs a day for a period of time is still well within the normal range for hair loss. If you think you are losing more than 100 strands of hair daily or start to see patches of baldness, it is best to get evaluated by a hair loss specialist to so more testing and get the proper treatment. During certain months of the year when the shedding occurs, some are under the impression that hats can prevent thehair loss. Unfortunately, if the shedding is seasonal hats will not have an effect to either cause the hair loss or prevent the hair loss from happening. To make sure that hats don't cause pulling of the hair and cause traction hair loss, make sure you choose a hat that is not too tight.

The effects of Seasonal temperatures on hair loss 1

The effects of Seasonal temperatures on hair loss 2

You may notice that cold temperature makes your hair dry and brittle. Keep your hair soft and strong in the winter by giving it a bit more conditioning, stay away from hot hair dryer and let it air dry or use a cooler setting. You may want to swap the shampoo you use in the winter for one that is more moisturizing and nourishing. If dandruff is an issue in cooler weather, look for a shampoo with a dandruff-fighting ingredient. You might want to cut back on the number of times you shampoo your hair in the winter, if you find that it’s becoming very dry.

Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County has been at the forefront of hair loss research on scalp conditions and their affect on hair follicles. He can made an evaluation using devises that help determine the cause of hair loss and predict the future progression. Once the cause of hair loss is established the proper treatment options are recommended to reverse or slow down future hair loss. He gives many advises to his clients to start hair loss prevention when they notice thinning at the initial stages. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost and medical treatment is used to prevent future hair loss and keep hair healthy.

To find out more about your hair loss, visit one of Dr. Meshkin's hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles or in Irvine locations. Dr. Meshkin will use the latest techniques and gives the best hair restoration recommendations customized to your needs and concerns.

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