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Uncommon Causes of Hair loss

Aug 13, 2018
Hair loss can be extremely difficult for people of all ages. Although the most common cause of hair loss is genetic alopecia, there are many other reasons one can experience hair loss.

Hair loss can be extremely difficult for people of all ages. Although the most common cause of hair loss is genetic alopecia, there are many other reasons one can experience hair loss. In order to find out what treatment options are best for the patient, it is recommended to be examined by a qualified hair restorations specialist to find the cause for the hair loss first. Once the cause for the hair loss is established, the proper hair treatment can be given.

  • Alopecia Areata- the exact cause for this is unknown, but it could be related to certain autoimmune diseases. In this type of hair loss, the anagen hair prematurely enters into the telegen phase. Hair loss appears in multi round patches with defined borders. it could progress into Alopecia Totalis, which is the total loss of hair from the scalp and Alopecia Universalis which could affect the entire body hair loss.

  • Endocrine Disorders-- Such as hypo and hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, and diabetes can cause hair loss and should be treated by an endocrinologist. Underlying cause should be diagnosed and treated.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies-- Such as iron and protein deficiency caused by mal nutrition, crash diets and anorexia nervosa can cause hair loss. Proper nutrition and diet should be discussed by a nutrition specialist.

  • Various Medications-- Some medications are known to cause hair loss these include anti cancer medication. the side effects of each medication should be discussed with the patient by treating physician.

  • Chemical Products--chemicals used for hair such as straightener, relaxer, and perm can cause hair loss.

  • Traction Alopecia--This is hair loss caused by braiding, tight pony tails, hot combing, excessive blow drying, tight rollers, and hair extensions. If you are experiencing hair loss when starting any of these, you need to stop right away or the hair loss will become permanent.

  • Trauma--Such as burns, accidents, and trauma to the scalp can cause hair loss.

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Hair transplant surgeries can be a treatment option for some of these hair loss instances. However not all the causes are treatable by hair transplant. To find out the proper treatment options, the patient needs to be examined by a qualified hair restoration specialist. Consultation with a hair restoration specialist is helpful to find out not only the cause of hair loss, but also if hair transplant should be considered in addition to medical hair treatment.

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