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Winter hair Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Nov 05, 2019
With the winter season and cold weather just around the corner, many people are experiencing dry and itchy scalp. If you naturally have dry scalp and hair, winter is when things get worse for most people.

With the winter season and cold weather just around the corner, many people are experiencing dry and itchy scalp. If you naturally have dry scalp and hair, winter is when things get worse for most people. Usually winter months can be very harsh on the skin and scalp. In some cases it gets to a point where you find your self constantly scratching your head and that becomes very irritating. In some case it may be temporary and may be seasonal, but in some cases it may lead to permanent hair loss.

The harsh weather can take a toll on your hair and leave it very dry and brittle. This may cause hair loss that could be temporary if it is taken care correctly. However if your scalp continues to be irritated from dryness, your hair may start to fall of and cause a more permanent hair loss. To combat the dry winter scalp and hair, and want to get rid of itchiness and flaking the easiest way is to hydrate your scalp and your hair.

This winter hair care advice will have your scalp healthy and moisturized in no time at all.

1. Protect your hair from dry and cold weather by using a hat. This will keep the moisture on your scalp and hair and keep it from falling off.

2. Combat the dry scalp by using leave-in conditioner. This is a great way to keep the scalp moist and decrease irritation and itching caused by dry scalp.

3. Add moisture to your hair by using essential hair oils. The hair shaft along with the scalp gets dry in the cold weather and therefore become very brittle. It is a good idea to use hair oil on the hair after shower to keep the moisture in. This will protect the hair from getting brittle and falling off.

4. Artificial heater and wind can also contribute to dry hair and scalp. To keep the moisture, use a humidifier in the room. The humidifier adds moisture to the air and therefore keep the hair moist. This will keep the hair from drying out and decrease the chances of hair loss.

5. You may want to swap the shampoo you use in the winter for one that is more moisturizing and nourishing. If dandruff is an issue in cooler weather, look for a shampoo with a dandruff-fighting ingredient. You might want to cut back on the number of times you shampoo your hair in the winter, if you find that it’s becoming very dry.

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Winter hair Tips: Dos and Don'ts 1

Winter hair Tips: Dos and Don'ts 2

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In general it is essential to keep your hair soft and moist in the winter months by giving it a bit more conditioning, stay away from hot hair dryer and let it air dry or use a cooler setting.

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